Behind the Wrapper with Marc Summers

Behind the Wrapper is original programming produced by Better For You Media that showcases the tenacity, creativity, and dedication needed to introduce a consumer-packaged good to the global food and wellness industry.


On Behind the Wrapper, watch as industry experts, celebrities, and top-entrepreneurs investigate different “better-for-you” brands.  Personalities bring life to the stories behind the stories.  On each episode, we’ll do a deep-dive into how the products are produced, how they size-up amongst the competition, and how the original idea for the product may have evolved into multiple off-shoot and outcomes.

Behind the Wrapper is entertaining, educational and eye-opening; its sure to evolve the way viewers think about the foods they put on their tables and into their bodies. Come with us as we pull-back the curtain and see how these brands can come to life and make it from an idea to global homes and kitchens.  

Our team of better-for-you experts has curated some amazing food and beverage brands for our first season,” 

says Summers. “Battle of the Brands is the ultimate ‘snackdown,’ and viewers are guaranteed a unique engaging experience.”

About Better For You Media

Better for You (BFY) Media covers the global wellness market for globally minded, socially-conscious, and forward-thinking consumers. BFY Media produces multi-channel programming and content from original productions, licensed final series and materials, and hand-picked wellness industry media sources.  BFY provides data-driven, in-depth educational entertainment that leaves everyone feeling BETTER.

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